Benefits of DryWonder

Why has Dry Carpet Cleaning become the talking point of the entire carpet cleaning industry?

Why is it the fastest growing alternative method of carpet cleaning in Europe, the USA and Australia?

The answer, according to the chief carpet cleaning lab technician at Metsan DryWonder Laboratories, Mr Brad Cramer, lies in the negative consequences of 'water' on fabric.

     "Dirt too can be destructive to a carpet but certainly does not cause nearly the damage that comes from using any product that contains water, which includes almost 90% of carpet shampoos. Any product that you need to dilute with water carries a potential time bomb of problems. Most carpets have natural fibre or have a backing made of natural fibre.", states Mr. Cramer.

Water shrinks natural fibre - every home owner knows that!

Steam and foam cleaning all carry amounts of water, sometimes applied under high pressure or under intense heat (steam).  Although attempts are made to dry these carpets as soon as possible some shrinkage still takes place. This shrinkage becomes evident in the tightening of seams, edge creep and an excessively taut carpet, all leading directly to early wear and tear.

If you have not yet tried it, you're in for a treat!

Developed in Germany by the Vorwerk Organisation in the sixties to overcome exactly the problem discussed above, Dry Snow Cleaning soon proved to be the answer. Today over 60% of all domestic carpets in Germany are cleaned this way, and the Switzerland are following closely.

Other advantages include:

- No drying time

- No smell of rotting fibre

- No fading of colours

- Anti-static

- Anti-bacterial - eradicates all fungal growth in damp or dark areas.


Easy to use

Metsan DryWonder Carpet Cleaning Powder can be applied by brush or even by using your old carpet shampoo machine. You don't add water or anything else, just sprinkle it onto the areas to be cleaned, brush it deep into the carpet fibres with a stiff broom, leave for approximnately 1 hour.

DryWonder does all the hard work while you relax, then you simply vacuum up the used granules and the job is finished! Your carpet is clean, fresh, disinfected and most important, there is no more waiting all day to move furniture back - you can walk on it in only minutes!


DryWonder versus water-based alternatives


- No special equipment required.
- Quick drying. No down-time.
- Reduces re-soiling.
- No possible shrinkage.
- Enhances colour of the fibre.
- No under felt deterioration.
- Removes static.
- Eradicates bacteria.
- Lifts most stains.
- Leaves long lasting fragrance.
- Reduces larvae of fleas & insects.
- Carpet pile lifts to reveal texture.

Water based cleaners

- Efficiency depends on equipment.
- Down-time while drying.
- Carpet remains damp.
- Soap residue attracts dirt.
- Water cause shrinkage in natural fibres.
- Colour loss noticeable after repeated cleaning.
- Adhesion disturbance caused by heat/ steam.
- Damp drying causes static.
- Bacteria breeds in damp carpet.
- Water dilutes stains to re-occur.
- Damp carpet results in rotting odour.
- Larvae spawn in damp conditions.
- Carpet fibre flattens to lose texture.



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Success Stories

Hi, I would like to let you know that after buying the product I went home and tried it with great success. Stains that I thought would never come out just disappeared. There was no nasty smell and the carpet was left soft. Thanks again. Narelle S

Narelle Shorten
Oct 14, 2010

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