DryWonder carries no health warnings other than to open windows when applying!

DryWonder's anti-bacterial action can reduce the chances of infectious bacteria breeding in a carpet, yet is totally non-toxic and safe for children and pets - even if it were accidentally picked up off the carpets and ingested!

DryWonder, the essential carpet cleaner for homes with pets and children.

Spills and other accidents are inevitable when there are children and/or pets in your home, but DryWonder has been developed as a quick action anti-bacterial cleaner especially formulated for the removal of domestic animal and human faeces, urine and vomit which all carry very high bacteria count levels.

Because this product is safe to use around with pets and children, this all round carpet cleaner can be applied over the entire carpet as a weekly or monthly maintenance or used to clean up and absorb accidental spills, while the built in pet-repellent formulation helps to reduce unwanted ‘puppy spills’ on your best carpet!


Dust mites can be a big problem for Asthma and allergy sufferers. In fact, they have been cited as one of the major triggers of asthmatic and allergic reactions - another reason why so many people are still replacing their carpets with laminate and timber flooring.

DryWonder is proven to not only safely remove but also repel dust mites from carpets and fabrics for as long as the product is being used. It doesn't just inhibit dust mite excretions; DryWonder gets to the source of the problem by destroying the larvae. 

Help to control the onset of allergic and asthmatic reactions by cleaning your carpets more efficiently with DryWonder.

DryWonder - A healthier choice







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Success Stories

Hi, I would like to let you know that after buying the product I went home and tried it with great success. Stains that I thought would never come out just disappeared. There was no nasty smell and the carpet was left soft. Thanks again. Narelle S

Narelle Shorten
Oct 14, 2010

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